Group Booking

Internet booking is not permitted for Group Booking or Travel Agent.

For group booking.


Concerned Institution / Firm / Agency has to send request with below details on their letterhead by email or post to Campus Manager.

  1. 1.   Name :
  2. 2.   Gender:   
  3. 3.   Age :
  4. 4.   ID Card Details :
  5. 5.   Address :
  6. 6.   Place :
  7. 7.   PinCode :
  8. 8.   Mobile :
  9. 9.   Email :
  10. 10. No of Male Visitor :
  11. 11. No. of Female Visitor :
  12. 12. Purpose of Visit :

    While sending request, kindly make sure to correctly mention the group in-charge details along with the id card, the same has to display at reservation counter upon arrival.


Email: rooms [at]

Address : Campus Manager Office, Vivekananda Kendra, Vivekanandapuram, Kanyakumari-629 702 (BHARAT)

Phone: +91 - 4652 - 246250 / 248261

[ Office Hours : 10am to 1pm & 3pm to 6pm  : Monday to Saturday except Holiday ]


General Instruction :

  1. *  Pilgrim can book minimum of 3 days in advance and maximum of 60 days.
  2. *  Check-in  & Check-out time :: 8:00am.
  3. *  Any difference of amount will be adjusted at our reception counter during your stay.
  4. *  Any misleading information may lead to cancellation of reservatoin and an appropriate legal action.
  5. *  Booking or Cancellation request over phone / sms will not be entertained.
  6. *  Taxes will be extra as per Government norms.
  7. *  In case of emergency, the management reserves right to allot alternate accommodation.


Procedure :

  1. *  Group In-charge send request on letterhead with 12points information as mention above.
  2. *  Pilgrimage service sent reply in 3 days with temporary reservation if available with required details to deposit.
  3. *  Group In-charge deposit the amount and send screenshot/UTR within 3days of Pilgrimage service reply. Failure to do the same, System will release the temporarily reservation to normal availability.
  4. * Pilgrimage service will check with account department and send the reservation slip to Group In-Charge.
  5. * Group In-charge has to produce his mention ID-Card along with the reservation slip upon arrival at 24x7 Reception Desk.

Cancellation :

  • => Reservation can be cancelled before full 3 calander days of of your reservation either by creating login at or by sending email to rooms [at] with bank details, money will be refunded back after deducting Rs.100.
  • => Cancellation Request through SMS / Phone will not be entertained.
  • => No refund thereafter.
  • => No refund for no showup.



    • Please verify whether the room is clean and tidy.
    • Please take bath only in the bath room, nowhere else.
    • Please do not use any heater or cooler in the room.
    • Please note that alcoholic drinks, drugs, non-vegetarian eatables, smoking are strictly forbidden in campus.
    • Help to keep the atmosphere in the campus clean and pollution-free.
    • Please do not allow any outsider in side your room for any purpose.
    • Please observe silence during the period 10p.m. to 5a.m.
    • Do not disturb the birds, do not pluck the fruits & flowers. We can buy from market, but birds can not.
    • Before you vacate the room please verify whether you have taken all your belongings.
    • Please return the room key to the reception before your departure. Any loss of Kendra property will have to be made good by you.
    • If you were happy here, we are happy to learn about it.
    • In case you notice any shortcomings, please do write to us, so that your next visit can be made happier.


Check-in & Check-out : morning 8:00hrs.

A maximum of 3 days is permitted at a time.

A.C. Cottages (4 person occupancy) Rs. 3000


Rooms with attached bath

AC Three bedded room Rs. 1,500  
AC Double bedded room Rs. 1,200  

Deluxe Four bedded room Rs. 800  
Deluxe Three bedded room Rs. 700  
Four bedded room Rs. 600  
Double bedded room Rs. 400

Four bedded room in annex Rs. 400

Rooms with common bath

Three bedded room Rs. 100
New hall (with carpet) Rs. 1,500  
Big hall (without beds) Rs. 900  
Small hall (without beds) Rs. 400
8 bedded room Rs. 250
6 bedded room Rs. 200


GST will be charged @ 18% for all bills of Rs.1,000/- and above WEF 1st April 2018

All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Nagercoil (TamilNadu, IN).